Riccardo Alescio
I am an Italian chef, specializing in plant-based cuisine. I love infusing the culture of my homeland into my creations and transforming traditional classics into plant-based versions. Bread and fresh pasta are my passions.
 I believe that change starts with what we choose to put on our plates.
It is entirely possible to recreate any traditional dish using 100% plant-based ingredients. For instance, imagine linguine with a taste reminiscent of the ocean, a velvety truffle risotto, irresistible appetizers, succulent main courses, and exquisite desserts.
Aesthetics are crucial because a dish is savored with the eyes when it arrives at the table, even before experiencing its aroma, texture, and taste.
A dish rich in umami, such as Sicilian caponata (which traditionally excludes animal ingredients), is just a small example of the richness and possibilities that tradition offers us.

However, it is also important to master new techniques, conduct research, and become familiar with alternative ingredients to make traditionally animal-based dishes flavorful, succulent, and unforgettable.

Therefore, it is essential to acquire as many techniques as possible, ranging from fermentation to dehydration, from homemade plant-based cheese production to smoking.
I have spent many years in kitchens perfecting techniques that span from traditional French to Italian cuisine. Eventually, I underwent a personal transformation and embarked on a professional path that aligns with my ideals.

After conducting cooking classes abroad, I discovered my passion for teaching and sharing the art of good cuisine. Now, I am available to offer consultations for businesses and groups of people (both professionals and enthusiasts) who wish to learn techniques, recipes, as well as kitchen management encompassing shopping, cleanliness, and safety.
photo credit: Giacomo De Caro